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Title: Love
Author: [ profile] hellcatwriter
Fandom: Primeval

He didn't remember when he blurted it out.

Oh, he remembered saying it the first time, but Abby hadn't even heard him. She loved Stephen, and he couldn't bring himself to hurt that, so when she asked what he had said in the land of the mercreatures, he had smiled and said it was nothing, even though it was killing him inside to do so. He loved her, he truly did, but she fancied Stephen, and he wanted her to be happy, even if it tore him apart. abby was happy, and that was what mattered, right? If you love it, let it go, and such.

So why couldn't he remember the second time he told her, the time when she was listening?

They were alone in the middle of a Cretaceous forest, in their makeshift shelter. He had been whittling at a tuber and she had been tending the fire. They'd been lost in the past for three months or so, and his beard had been growing out. He asked her for the knife she had, the sharper of their blades, so he could try to shave.

Somewhere between her handing him the knife and him taking and using it, he just blurted it out. "I love you, Abby."

He'd been surprised, relieved and rather happy when she had softly replied, "I love you too."

He did remember the kiss afterwards, the soft, tender feel of her lips on his. What he couldn't remember was who kissed who first, but what did that matter when he had the most beautiful woman in the whole Cretaceous kissing him? Not much, that was for sure.

Some tiny part of his male brain was disappointed they went a year together, alone, and never once had sex. The rest of him didn't care. He loved Abby, and he couldn't have cared less if they were sexually intimate or not, as long as she loved him anywhere near as much as he loved her.

Over the year they had been forced to live in the Cretaceous, he had grown rather toned from hunting and running. He had changed and grown a bit paranoid and clingy, but he had a reason to be. Being chased by raptors every few days tends to make one a bit edgy. And daily he worried that one day they might slip up, and he'd lose Abby forever. He couldn't bear the thought of it. He'd finally gotten up the guts to tell her he loved her, he wouldn't be able to handle it if he lost her, ever. He loved her too much to let her go.

But with all that love, he still couldn't remember the exact moment at which he had told her the truth about his feelings for her. The feelings he had been so relieved to discover she held as well. And there was no way he would ever hurt her, or let her be hurt, not now.

Not ever.


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