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Title: Lily
Author: [ profile] hellcatwriter
Fandom: Harry Potter

"Alright, then, who wants to see me take off Snivelly's trousers?"

As he flailed and kicked about in the air, Severus felt nothing but loathing for the stupid, arrogant James Potter, the boy whose spell held him aloft. His wand lay several feet below, on the ground. He was helpless. Helpless against the prying eyes of teens from every House that could see him in the air, twisting and struggling in vain to reach the earth below.

"Stop that!"

He was torn between emotions. Was it relief or shame he felt when he heard Lily's voice? He was relieved someone had spoken up for him, even when he crashed into the grass with a dull thud. But at the same time, he was horrified. Lily. She had seen him like that, helpless, reduced to that level as James had kept him in the air, Sirius Black and that Werewolf Lupin smirking up at him. Well, Lupin didn't exactly smirk, but he wasn't doing anything in Snape's favour either.

He stared up into the beautiful green eyes and long, golden-brown hair of Lily Evans. He loved her, and was pretty sure she knew it, but everyone else hated him, except other Slytherins. How could he possibly bear to see that look in her eyes now; not quite hatred, but a sort of kind pity. Lily was a kind person, a gifted girl, despite being Muggle-born.

He couldn't bear her kindness. Picking up his books and wand, he cast one last look of disgust at them all, and regretted doing so as he saw the sadness in Lily's eyes.

He never got the chance to apologize.
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