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Title: Chocolate
Author: [ profile] hellcatwriter
Fandom: Primeval

Becker had given Jess such a cute smirk when she appeared flustered by his reaction to her mild suggestion that he might be into men. He didn't take it as an insult; she was actually being quite polite by taking other sexual preferences into consideration. He just found it rather amusing that she had blurted it out and then seemed so worried by the look he had given her. Watching the faint pink that had crossed her cheeks was rather cute, as well. She was crushing on him, which he found to be all too adorable. She was pretty, as well, so he figured he'd do her a favour.

He vaguely heard her tell Matt to bring chocolate back to her, without any orange in it because she claimed "it's just weird." He kind of had to agree.

But he could easily have forgotten what she had said the second he had heard that Abby and Connor were out in the field again. Damn it, he had only just gotten them back after a year of searching! They were going and putting their lives on the line so soon after he had gotten two of his best friends back?


Whatever was chasing them had better hope with every last sinew of its reptilian body that it didn't hurt them by the time he got there, because dinosaur or no dinosaur, he was NOT losing Connor and Abby so soon after they had come back to him. Not now, not ever. He wasn't ready to lose another friend because of the anomalies. Cutter, countless soldiers, Sarah, Danny, and after four searches, Abby and Connor as well, at least until now. He wasn't [i]going[/i] to lose another friend. As he loaded himself with the EMD guns (and he knew firsthand just how well the suckers worked, having asked Matt to shoot him before he would trust them in the field) he was thinking to himself that if either of his friends had gotten themselves hurt, the creature wasn't going to live long enough to regret its decision. Becker wouldn't let it live long enough.

And when it had killed one of his men and tried to attack him, he had no qualms with taking aim at its underbelly and dropping the scaly monster cold on the ground. He had seen the sadness in Abby's eyes as it died from the shots he and the others had simultaneously fired at the creature, but he knew that she would have Rex and the other creatures back at the menagerie. They would cheer her up.

Matt was right. They couldn't take every creature home. Not all of them made it.

On the drive back to ARC, he remembered that Jess had requested the chocolate, and he smiled faintly as he remembered her words about not wanting any orange-flavoured chocolates. He could do that. He pulled over at a store for a moment and browsed the aisle of sweets to find the chocolates, choosing a bar and paying the clerk at the register. He hopped back into the car and made his way back to the base. As he came up behind Jess she was asking Matt where her chocolate was as he placed the bar down on her desk.

She smiled and blushed faintly, causing him to smile in return. "Something... with orange, right?"


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