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Title: The Right Thing To Say
Chapter: --
Author: [ profile] hellcatwriter
Fandom: Harry Potter

"You slimeball!" Draco flinched at the girl's shout, magnified by the long echoes of the hallways of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry. Her red hair framed her face, dirty and matted from the fighting that had occurred with the forces of Voldemort, but beneath the dirt and grime she was actually rather pretty. He found himself disgusted that he had thought that. She was a Gryffindor, and worse than that, she was a Weasley, a blood-traitor. The lowest kind of wizard, his father had always said.

"Ginny, please!" he begged, surprised by the plea in his voice. Plea? Over that freckled little brat? Impossible. She raised her wand threateningly, and he backed away, unwilling to be the victim of one of her famed Bat-Bogey Hexes. He'd been on the receiving end of that hex in his fifth year, and it was not an experience he was willing to repeat. "Listen," he growled, trying to force some of the cockiness back into his voice. He wasn't sure he could. The events since Dumbledore's death had changed him, and he wasn't quite sure who he was anymore, or what he wanted. "I'm sorry, alright?" he snapped, trying to sneer at her and failing miserably. Why did this have to be so hard? Why had he even come here in the first place? He should have been sneaking off to lurk in the shadows or something equally Slytherin-like, not standing there trying to apologize to a very powerful, very pissed off witch.

"Sorry?" Ginny scoffed, her eyes blazing. "Oh, that's a good one, Malfoy! My brothers are DEAD because of you!"

That was a bit unfair, he thought, and forced back the urge to whine like a child. He wasn't a child anymore, never could have that innocence after the things he had seen and (almost) done. He allowed the now advancing girl to back him up against the wall, her wand dangerously close to his face. This close he could see every detail of the gorgeous, glittering eyes that glared into his own. Eyes with a fire in them. Eyes that said he was screwed.

"It's not my fault that Fred died!"

Wrong move. Very wrong move, and he barely had time to slip away from her as the curse she had shrieked struck the wall with a shower of bright sparkles. He stared at the indentation the curse had left in the wall and flinched. He wasn't going to walk away from this.

"Coward!" Ginny yelled, and Draco was surprised the whole school couldn't hear the girl's shouts. Did she have a permanent Sonorous Charm on her or something? His ears were actually beginning to ring from the echoes of her obnoxiously loud voice against the marble walls of the school, but it was clear he would get no relief as the Weasley girl continued on, once more advancing towards him. "No, it may not have been your fault," she said in a deadly sweet voice, "but you're the one who made that cabinet work and let the Death Eaters in to kill him! It's your fault Fred was killed, even if you didn't kill him yourself!"

Well, this wasn't going well. What could he say without seeming a coward or a total jerk? Not much, and he really doubted that little brat would believe anything he ever said, no matter what the feelings behind them. Besides, if Potter came this way...

He sneered, and Ginny saw it and took it for him making fun of her. He ducked the next hex and decided it was a bad idea to try reasoning with the girl now. He saw her lips move, saw her raise her wand once more...

And turned tail and ran. So much for not appearing to be a total coward. But cowards lived, and they didn't end up with giant bat-shaped things attacking their faces.

At least, he hoped they didn't.


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