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So, any family/close friends who see this already know quite a bit about the situation with my first ex boyfriend. The one I will always consistently refer to as "my ex", "that fucker", and several others followed by long streams of expletives.

This particular ex of mine has a talent for stalking. I mean fuck, it has to be his only talent because it's the only thing he's good at other than being a whiny jackass.

Last year I changed my FurAffinity, my MSN, and my DeviantART usernames to Crossed-Unversed to avoid him. He knew nothing about that username; I had never used it or mentioned anything similar to it.

Somehow, he found the MSN, and from there he found the FA account. Somehow he doesn't have my DA, probably because I always complained about it and I hope beyond all hope that he took that to mean I never use DA.

Well, when I blocked him on MSN, he made a gmail account and tried to friend me there. The original reason for changing my Gmail in the first place years ago was-- you guessed it, avoiding him.

After blocking him there as well, he decided to make a new Furaffinity account. How do I know this?

I posted two journals over there about my birthday. One four days before when it was beginning to sink in that I was almost 17, and then one the day of my birthday.

A person who didn't watch me or any of my friends commented on the first one with, "... Happy early Birthday. I hope you have a good day, and get something awesome. I also wish happiness and joy upon to you hereafter... Thank you for your time. Bye."

Now, that was a little random, but I was like, huh, alright, sweet. Birthday wishes from a stranger. Right on.

He also commented on the second one...

"...Again, happy birthday. I hope you enjoyed it... "

Call me weird, but I talked enough with this fucker when we were together to know his typing style. By this point I was suspicious. One, in the first comment he left me, it felt somehow strained, like the writer wasn't used to typing that way.

But I was chill, y'know? I just replied with, "Again, thank you, and honestly, it could have been better."

"Why did you not have a good birthday? What's wrong? "

"Erm, considering you are a complete stranger to me, I'd rather not discuss it with you. I'm sorry."

Okay, so maybe setting that as a trap was bad. I knew that if it was actually who I thought, he'd give it away here. If not, the person would be chill and I'd drop suspicions.

"You... Actually know me. I'm just going to be a stubborn cunt and not tell you who I am though. =]"

Oh. Hello there, Thomas. Nice to see you're still making new accounts just to stalk me.


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