Jun. 14th, 2011

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Information: A story I wrote for my 8th grade English class in December. I haven't touched this story since, so there's probably some things that could be better.

Background info: Date unknown - Conventional methods for dating, aka "years" were forgotten as the climate grew more and more hostile to human habitation and scientific advances. Space-travel is once again impossible as many of the world's greatest scientists have died out, and with sand getting into the machinary, most forms of mechanical weaponry are also inoperable. The countries as known in what was once called 2010 are no more, and the Atlantic ocean no longer exists, though the Pacific still remains [in a smaller form].

Main race on Earth - Humans
Other races/species found: Daemons, Angels, Hellhounds, Devil's Tigers, Striikrs, Shadow-Touched, Shapeshifters, Cherubs, MatchMakers

Climate: Mostly hot and arid, excepting in the region of Dreabosk, where the last forests of the world remain. Much of the land is desert despite plentiful rains, and the main plants found are odd species of cacti [known as Bomburi and Feltspa, respectfully] and the occasional hardy shrub or weed.

Exceptions include the Angel Realm and Hell, both of which are more like the Earth was in the 1990's, though still with their own differences.

The Realm of the Angels [the so-called Heaven] is generally found to be "just right" no matter who you are or what your personal preferences are. For example, the temperature might be a comfortable 58 degrees to one person, but to the one standing two feet away from them it might appear to be in the upper 70's. Rain and other weather effects will affect every person currently roaming the Realm at the time, regardless of whether or not they enjoy it.

The Daemon Realm [Hell] is much the same, excepting that the temperature is set for everyone, because the heat tends to suit the largest collection of Daemons and other Daemon-kin that inhabit the Realm. The sun is also different, as there are actually two of them, casting a rusty red glow on everything they shine upon. There is no Satan, though just as with the Angels there is a Council of Daemons, the most powerful in all the Realms. They govern the Dae of the world and they dictate punishment should a law be broken.

Y'know what else was cute, bitch? The way you were making out with the floor. )


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