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Title: Kira's Little Helper
Chapter: --
Author: [ profile] hellcatwriter
Fandom: Death Note

It was oddly cold for a late summer day, and she wished she had thought to bring a jacket with her to the photo shoot. As it was, she was in a skirt and a rather revealing top instead, her long blonde hair waving in her face in the light wind. She was beginning to regret declining the car ride back to her apartment, but for some reason she had preferred to walk.

As she passed people in the streets, she heard talk of Him. Kira, the one who many were beginning to revere as a god, a protector of the world. He killed people, yes, but only the evil ones. Killers, robbers, those who hurt others or were untrue. Not to say he killed all that were wrong-doers; Kira had shown the world that he would forgive those that truly regretted their crimes, so he wasn't just out to kill anyone who had committed a crime. Rapists, murderers, people who enjoyed what they did and relished every moment of it-- these were the people that deserved to die, and Kira had punished them rightfully.

Kira had avenged the deaths of her parents.

She remembered it with frightening clarity, the man who had held her parents at gunpoint, threatening them and the little girl that walked with them. Her father had offered his wallet, which the man had took and asked for more. She had looked up the barrel of a pistol with wide, innocent eyes, wondering what it was. She had understood that she was afraid, and that her parents were, too, but a child had little experience or understanding of death. All she knew was that this man was bad, and that her family was in danger and might get hurt. She remembered the cold look in his brown eyes, viewed through a mask of matted black bangs as he raised the gun back up to her father.

The sound of the shot hurt her ears, as did the second one. She shrieked and tried to get her parents to stand up, but all they did was moan with the pain. She turned back to the man to see that cruel look in his eyes, but as the sound of sirens came into earshot, he fled, and with him, she had thought, all hope of her parents making it.

He didn't even take the wallet.

When she was older she had been to his trial, or rather, the several delays that made it up. Even when he was caught, even with her testimony once she was old enough to speak up, even with so much evidence against him... it wasn't enough. Day after day he continued to live, imprisoned within some deep cell in some forgotten prison.

She couldn't even bear to let him rot there. She had wanted her justice.

And Kira had granted it. In the news, in the list of names that the police had released regarding who Kira had slain, she had seen his name. She had sent a silent prayer to God-- no, that wasn't true. It was to a god, but not the one most knew. Kira had become her god that day, her saviour. She wanted to meet him, to thank him for what he had done for her.

The wind blew her hair into her face, distracting her from her memories as she tried to brush it away. She noticed something black on the grass by the sidewalk, and she shrugged it off at first. After a few steps she glanced back at it, then nervously around to see if anyone was nearby. She walked back to the object and picked it up. It looked like a notebook, with some weird white writing on the front. She opened it up to find the pages blank, and no name of ownership inside. That's odd, she thought as she flipped through it. Why would someone leave their journal here in the street?

"Hello, Misa Amane."

Most girls would have shrieked. Misa turned, wide-eyed, to see a giant white thingĀ  standing in front of her, but no sound left her lips. She stared back into the yellow eyes of the thing in front of her, though after a moment her fear became curiosity and her gaze wandered. It was skeletal in shape, and every part of it was the white of sun-bleached bones, except its hair. Or maybe it wasn't hair, because it looked a bit like it was something slimy, almost dead. The tips were purple, a lavender shade in contrast with the white. Now that she noticed that, she also saw the creature had purple lips, and two markings of some sort trailing up her cheeks, also in the colour purple.

"H-hi?" The word came out as a squeak, and Misa cleared her throat to try again. "Hi," she managed to choke out, followed by a very quiet, "How do you know my name?"

"I am Rem, a Shinigami."

Misa's jaw almost dropped. "Sh-shinigami!" A God of Death, like her Kira, only... a true one. Shingami were supposed to be myths! And here she was, standing and even speaking to one!

"Yes, and that," it raised a clawed hand, pointing one slender finger at the book in the girl's hands, "is a Death Note."

Mida's head tilted, curiosity once more getting the better of her. "A Death Note?" she asked, the fear leaving her voice. Whatever this thing was, Shinigami or not, it didn't seem to want to hurt her. Asking questions was probably okay to do.

Rem nodded. "A Death Note is a powerful tool. The name of any person can be written on its pages." It paused a moment, slitted pupils on Misa. "The person whose name is written in this notebook... shall die."

In a place where most people would have been appalled, Misa was grinning, almost shaking with laughter. Her Gothic skirt fluttered in another light wind, but now she hardly noticed the cold. A Death Note, a book of death. All she had to do was write a name, and the person died? It was almost too good to be true. It was too good to be true.

A stray thought passed through her jubilant mind. I wonder if this is how Kira does it. Kill people without even being there! But most of the victims of Kira had died because of heart attacks, right? So... "Rem, what happens when a name is written in the note?"

The Shingami gave her an odd look. "When a name is written within the Death Note, the person whose name it is will die forty seconds later."

"From what?"

"From a heart attack."

She knew it before Rem had even said it. This really was too good to be true. This had to be how Kira had been killing, by using a Death Note! And if this was how he had made his kills... maybe, just maybe, she could help him. After all, he had brought down the man she had hated almost all her life. He had punished him for the murder of her mother and father, and continued to kill all others like him, to rid the world of his kind. And now she knew how he did it, she could do it too. She could use the Death Note to continue Kira's work, to do what he wanted, and maybe... maybe she could even get close to him, to thank him the way she had wanted to for so long.

But first she needed to know more about the notebook. Turning to Rem, she said, quite plainly, "Tell me everything there is to know about the Death Note!"
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